Our History


Deltona Christian School was founded by Pastor and Mrs. Donald Herchenroder in 1974 as the members of Faith Baptist Church were burdened with the need to offer a Christian education in their community. In the fall of 1974, DCS began with 19 students in the kindergarten through fourth grades and continued to add a grade each year until 1982 when the first senior class graduated.

Upon Pastor Donald Herchenroder’s retirement in 1997, the church elected the assistant pastor, Pastor Byron Herchenroder, as pastor. For over 40 years, DCS has continued to grow and function as a ministry of Faith Baptist Church with the express mission of providing superior spiritual and academic training.

Deltona Christian School alumni now circle the globe as pastors, musicians, teachers, missionaries, doctors, attorneys, military personnel, and various other professions.


DCS is a church ministry that assists the family in accomplishing its Biblical responsibility to educate their children to be Christ-like. DCS exists to provide an excellent, Christ-centered education in cooperation with the parents’ training at home. This mission is partially fulfilled by clearly showing students that forgiveness of sins and eternal life come only through total dependence on Christ’s payment for sin when He died on the cross, was buried, and rose again three days later. Helping students to grow in Christ-likeness through daily Bible classes, regular chapel services, and a Biblical worldview implemented through the curriculum also fulfill this mission. Because of this mission, DCS strives to evaluate every aspect of our ministry in light of the Word of God.