The academic offerings and daily schedule in grades 7–8 serve as a key transition from elementary to high school. As in high school, students benefit from the flexibility to begin tailoring their schedule around their individual interests and from the diversity of teachers who specialize within their field. Increased extracurricular activities and a growing social awareness bring energy and youthful enthusiasm to the junior high years.

All Deltona Christian School high school students enter a liberal arts college preparatory program of study. This program prepares students for post-secondary education by focusing on core subject skills supplemented by practical elective courses. Extensive training in grammar, literature, and composition, along with courses in math, science, and foreign language, gives students a taste of academic rigor seen on the college level.

All the secondary students, grades 8th-12th currently have the option to use iPads for their textbooks to eliminate the need for paper books. DCS students who choose to enter a career straight out of high school are equipped with the broad knowledge base and communication skills needed for success. Alumni are involved in fields such as business, education, engineering, medicine, military, ministry, and law, as well as various trades. DCS staff make a point to praise the continued success of students as they diligently apply themselves to academic and extracurricular opportunities in preparation for future service to Christ. 

Twenty-four (24) credits are required for graduation.

  • 4  English credits
  • 4  Math credits
  • 3  Science credits
  • 3  History credits
  • 1  Practical or Performing Arts credit
  • 1  Physical Education credit
  • 4  Bible credits
  • 4  Elective credits
  • 24 Credits Total